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The cover image by Tom Brown is all ready to go, now I've got to finish the contents of my next novel: Flying Dutchman BLEAK FUTURE, the first of a three-part series based on my relative Piet Visser's original story De Vliegende Hollander (1901).


In the summer of 1940, Will Maskall and his friends discover what it's like to live in a town  besieged by enemy aircraft. Though fictional, the story is based on Brightonian eyewitness accounts and family anecdotes. This local bestseller has been enjoyed by young and old.

In the sequel, Will experiences the displacement of an evacuee after he is sent to stay with relatives in the Sussex countryside. Once again eyewitness stories have been used as a source of inspiration.

Although Exile from Brighton completes this series, Will Maskall and some of the other characters surface again in my Wyrde Woods books.

Lord of the Wyrde Woods 



Wenn Twyner flees into the nearby Wyrde Woods to get away from a life less than pleasant. What she will find there could change her life forever.....if she is willing to sacrifice everything for a larger cause: Rousing the native Sussex Pooks, and stirring up a Dance of the Farisees.  

Set in the Sussex Weald, these books double up as Contemporary Fantasy and Dark Fantasy. A happy ending is not guaranteed. Suitable for older readers.

Secrets of the Wyrde Woods


Set in wartime Sussex, this Historical Fantasy series follows three young protagonists as they cope with wartime restrictions and prepare to defend their Wyrde Woods, both against the  German Wehrmacht and far darker forces, unleashed by the insidious ambitions of a local landlord.

The first book of the series, FORGOTTEN ROAD, introduces Maisy Robbins, a cheeky and chirpy East End evacuee, and her friend, local lass Joy Whitfield. The next part of the series is called HIDDEN SPRING, and introduces Will Maskall.


Forgotten Road teaser

If you insist on risking the wytches, wyrms & pooks, then this is where you can find them



A Wyrde Woods Novelette. 

Sussex, 878 AD. Lewinna's father is chieftain of Wyrdwuda. When he is called away by King Alfred, together with all the fighting men, the domain is threatened by a Danish raid. To defend her people, Lewinna will have to make do with a handful of greybeards, boys, and the women of Wyrdwuda. Will they be able to defeat the Danes?

Based on an old Sussex legend. 

DRAKA RAID can be found here, also look for the paperback version

Sussex Steampunk Tales

Time Flight Chronicles Book 1


Yarr! Take to the skies with Alice Kittyhawk and her motley crew. Alice is a Brighton-based Private Investigator and daughter of notorious Rottingdean airship smuggler Cap'n John Hawkeye. The Time Flight Chronicles follow her investigation into a seemingly standard missing person case, but locating botanist Dr Braxton Beesworth isn't just a case of where he might be.....Alice also needs to discover the 'when' of Beesworth's whereabouts.

Alice Kittyhawk will also feature in the stand-alone novel FOR THE LOVE OF A REPUBLIC, which I'm currently working on. The second book of the Time Flight Chronicles will be called BRIGHTONESQUE.

Sussex Steampunk Tales


When Yard Pilkin moves from London to the small coastal village of Rottingdean, he is regarded with suspicion at first. When he makes an unlikely friend, he soon discovers that every man, woman, and child in the village conspire to conceal a secret....

This novelette -length  story first appeared in the Writerpunk Press anthology What We've Unlearned: English Class Goes Punk.

Features: Alice Kittyhawk from the Time Flight Chronicles.

ROTTINGDEAN RHYME can be found here, also look for the  Kindle version

 The Writerpunk Press Stories


in What We've Unlearned: English Class Goes Punk

I'm very proud of my association with the Seattle-based Writerpunk Press, and delighted that two of their anthologies feature my Sussex Steampunk Tales.

'The Rottingdean Rhyme' is based on Rudyard Kipling's poem 'THE SMUGGLER SONG'. The story concerns events in and around Rottingdean regarding various illicit activities taking place out at sea.....and overhead as Sussex smugglers take to the air. It features a young Alice Kittyhawk & Brax Beesworth. 


The Writerpunk Press Stories


in Merely This and Nothing More: Edgar Allan Poe Goes Punk

'The Oval Sky Room' relates the tragic demise of Brighton lass Lottie Carnell. Set in a steampunked Brighton, it is my re-imagination of Edgar Allan Poe's short  - haunting -  story 'The Oval Portrait'. I also tried to emulate his writing for this one, and if Hiram Orville's dialogue seems odd at times, it's because he's literary citing lines from various Poe stories, an echo of reflections of Poe's mind. The intention is to make the reader's skin crawl, as if they can feel the shadow of a ghost passing by whilst reading.  

Read a hub-post (blog) I wrote on selecting Brighton as an ideal steampunk setting.

Invisible Voices 

of Brighton & Hove

It's been a great honour to put my pen at the disposal of Invisible Voices of Brighton & Hove, a local community group which seeks to raise public awareness of homelessness issues in our city. Through my participation I can also proudly proclaim to be a Brighton Fringe Festival participant for three years running now. I have contributed to both the Invisible Voices of Brighton & Hove and Invisible Voices 2017  books and also helped Invisible Voices publish two poetry books in close co-operation with Cascade Creative Recovery.


Amy Wheatley is proud to be from Brighton, but doesn’t know what to make of the growing number of homeless people in the city. Why don’t these people have a place to live? Where are they from? Why do so many people ignore them entirely, as if they were invisible?

Even though Amy is still overwhelmed by her transfer to secondary school, she sets out to make sense of the changing world around her, a quest which will open her eyes as to what is happening on the streets of Brighton.

Written on behalf of Invisible Voices of Brighton & Hove by Nisse Visser and Cair Going.

Suitable for ages eleven-and-a-half to one hundred and a bit.

All proceeds from this book have been pledged to Cascade Creative Recovery, First Base & Sussex Homeless Support.

(Background image by Dominic Alves, CC 2.0)


by Craig Neesam & friends

Craig Neesam is an incredibly talented street poet who can frequently be heard reciting his work in his own unique style at events around Brighton & Hove, including the local airwaves and Brighton Fringe events. I am mucho chuffed to have been asked to contribute a few poems to Craig's second poetry book: THE OAKS. All kudos to Cascade Creative Recovery and Invisible Voices of Brighton & Hove, for making our creative collaborations possible. 

Dreamtime Dragons



This is the first Dreamtime Tale Fantasy collection, made possible by the dedication of a core group who not only contributed, but edited and proofread as well. It was an honour to be closely involved in this project.

My 'THE WYRM IN THE TARN' contribution consists of a sample from a chapter in ESCAPE FROM NEVERLAND. '

 FREÓSAN DRAKA TREÓW is a brand new Wyrde Woods novelette-length back story, exploring further the origins of the legendary Lewinna, one of the two recorded Wyrde Woods dragon slayers. 

The Dreamtime Tale Fantasy facebook group can be visited here.

A Copy of Dreamtime Dragons can be ordered here. All proceeds pledged to Abington Ferret Refuge.


with Magén Klomp

The indomitable Bowyer of Amsterdam, Magen Klomp. Along with compadres from the Dutch Warbow Society, he and I  research historical archery in the Netherlands, a subject on which little has been written since the 1850s. Our research has taken us across the borders to the UK, France, Belgium, and Germany. It has seen us enter hidden treasure rooms buried deep within a medieval palace, filled with bows and arrows. It has seen us handle medieval and prehistoric artefacts in museums, including 124 medieval arrowheads uncovered in a recent dig in Amsterdam. It now sees us chin-deep in the less glamorous business of research, i.e. a lot of documents to work through. A non-fiction book on our findings is in the works: ARCHERS OF AMSTERDAM. Watch this space for much boasting and chest-thumping when the time is ripe. 

Cider Brandy Scribblers 


with Richard Hornsby

Richard and I founded a specialist martial arts group, believe it or not. I don't recall whether that was whilst slubbering about knee-deep in Somerset mud (almost as fine as Sussex mud), or whilst sipping a cider brandy in a former brothel in the slums of Beijing. We are also accidental, but now very keen, researchers in the specialist niche of the use of archery in twentieth century warfare. If that sounds unrealistic, we are still constantly astounded at the role played by the simple bow and arrow in conflicts such as the World Wars. Our articles have been published in magazines around the world. A non-fiction book is in the making: ARCHERS AT WAR. We will make much noise when it's ready, possibly even a reprise of our infamous Qinghai rendition of 'House of the Rising Sun'.

In need of ARCHERY EQUIPMENT? Look no further.

Creative Collaboration


Talented photographer Corin Spinks provides me with continuous inspiration. Many characters, settings and artefacts from my books started as a Spinks photograph, before I got my grubby hands on them, and he has also provided many of my book covers.

Check out his work here:

Creative Collaboration


Jack Savage is an increasingly recognised photographer and digital artist, and has always very kindly allowed Invisible Voices of Brighton & Hove the use of his work in order to raise funds for local homeless charities. In the near future, expect a new novel for which Jack will provide the cover image. 

Jack's work can be found here:

Creative Collaboration


Nick is a former pupil of mine from back in the days when I taught English in Dutch secondary schools. I was absolutely delighted when he offered to design a cover for Will's War in Brighton, and flabbergasted by the results. This is a cover that really works, to judge by reactions from the public, and unmistakable Brightonian to boot. 

Creative Collaboration


I first worked with Michael when he offered to do a cover image for the Dreamtime Dragon collection, and astounded us all with his design. Impressed, I asked him to re-design the cover of Will's War: Exile from Brighton

Creative Collaboration


Cindy is a keen fan of the Wenn Twyner stories (Escape from Neverland & Dance into the Wyrd). I was absolutely delighted when she embarked on a project which involved creating Manga images of some of the main characters.

Creative Collaboration

Kayleih Kempers

Kayleih ​has kindly provided illustrations for Will's War in Brighton, Will's War: Exile from Brighton, and Forgotten Road. Whenever she takes a task upon her, I am filled with impatience and cannot wait to see the finished product. It is wonderfully magical to see my own words reinterpretated by a visual artist. 

Creative Collaboration

Heijo van de Werf 

Heijo van de Werf provided the cover image of young Alice Kittyhawk that was used for the cover of Rottingdean Rhyme. When I first saw these images I was awestruck, for this was exactly how I had pictured young Alice. I hope to work with Heijo again in the future, for he is a truly gifted portrait photographer. His website can be found here:

Creative Collaboration

Tom Brown

Tom Brown is the illustrator of the sirageous 'Hopeless, Maine' series, and is providing the cover of Flying Dutchman BLEAK FUTURE. His interpretation of Peter and Liselotte van Haelen his absolutely spot on, and I am pleased Tom will do the covers for the whole three book Flying Dutchman series. Discover more on or follow Tom on Twitter: 

Archery, historical archery, and medieval warfare are topics I have written ​numerous articles for which have been published in magazines around the world.



I like to write the occasional book review. It's good for me to get my head out of my own work every now and then, and always educational to look at what other authors are doing. 

My book reviews can be found here:

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