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Scribbler on an insane quest to retell old Sussex folklore (and some Dutch sealore) within the genres of historical fantasy or contemporary fantasy, including Steampunk. Some purely historical stuff as well. See the menu at the top right hand corner for navigation. Entering his fifties, Visser hopes to become a pirate when he grows up. 



Amy Wheatley is proud to be from Brighton, but doesn’t know what to make of the growing number of homeless people in the city. Why don’t these people have a place to live? Where are they from? Why do so many people ignore them entirely, as if they were invisible?

Even though Amy is still overwhelmed by her transfer to secondary school, she sets out to make sense of the changing world around her, a quest which will open her eyes as to what is happening on the streets of Brighton.

Written on behalf of Invisible Voices of Brighton & Hove by Nisse Visser and Cair Going.

Suitable for ages eleven-and-a-half to one hundred and a bit.

All proceeds from this book have been pledged to Cascade Creative Recovery, First Base & Sussex Homeless Support.

(Background image by Dominic Alves, CC 2.0)

Another lovely review for On Brighton Streets

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Some serious reviewing going on. 

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The Levellers

Fantastic to meet up with Charlie and Jez of The Levellers at the Sunday Street Kitchen today, absolutely brilliant that they are supporting Sussex Homeless Support. 

The Levellers!!!

I've been a big fan of the UK band The Levellers for all of my adult life. As such, I'm absolutely thrilled beyond bits that I've been invited to promote and sell copies of 'On Brighton Streets' at The Levellers gig in the Dome this Thursday (22 Nov) to raise awareness and funds for Sussex Homeless Support. It's a one-off, but definitely going in my resume.

On Brighton Streets

Some lovely reviews coming in, including this one.


by Craig Neesam & friends

Craig Neesam is an incredibly talented street poet who can frequently be heard reciting his work in his own unique style at events around Brighton & Hove, including the local airwaves and Brighton Fringe events. I am mucho chuffed to have been asked to contribute a few poems to Craig's second poetry book: THE OAKS. All kudos to Cascade Creative Recovery and Invisible Voices of Brighton & Hove, for making our creative collaborations possible. 

Invisible Voices 

of Brighton & Hove

It's been a great honour to put my pen at the disposal of Invisible Voices of Brighton & Hove, a local community group which seeks to raise public awareness of homelessness issues in our city. Through my participation I can also proudly proclaim to be a Brighton Fringe Festival participant for three years running now. I have contributed to both the Invisible Voices of Brighton & Hove and Invisible Voices 2017  books and also helped Invisible Voices publish two poetry books in close co-operation with Cascade Creative Recovery.