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Really looking forward to this one!!!

Do drop by if you can, the combination of the Steampunk Festival with the authentic steam railway in operation should make this a splendid affair! 

Updated 2019 Events List

Absolutely delighted that Tom Brown, the artist behind the amazing 'Hopeless, Maine' series, is supplying the cover for my rewrite of Piet Visser's The Flying Dutchman.  This truly is a cover to be proud of! 


Wyrde Woods fans ​will be pleased to hear that 'The Pook Project', a brand new Joy Whitfield adventure, features in the Witch Lit anthology "Words from the Cauldron", which is due for digital publication on Summer Solstice (2019). 


So apparently this is a thing: #artvsartist #artvsartist2019. I'm tremendously grateful to my visual art friends who have allowed a writer to participate: Corin Spinks, Jack Savage, Heijo van de Werf, Cindy Headley & Nick Bulters have all reinterpreted my characters in their own fashion.

Another new 'short'

Rottingdean Rhyme first appeared in the Writerpunk Press anthology What We've Unlearned: English Class goes Punk

It visits the younger years of Time Flight Chronicles protagonist Alice Kittyhawk.

When Yard Pilkin moves from London to Rottingdean, he soon discovers that all the residents conspire to conceal a secret...

New Novelette! 

I'm going to focus on bringing out a few 'shorts', these are novelette length stories (about 20k) and an easy way to get acquainted with my scribblings and world-building. 

DRAKA RAID first appeared in the Dreamtime Tale Fantasy anthology Dreamtime Dragons. It explores the legend of Lewinna, who is mentioned (and possibly makes appearances!) in the Wyrde Woods books Escape from Neverland, Dance into the Wyrd, and Forgotten Road.

In this story Lewinna needs to defend the Wyrde Woods from a Danish raid with only a handful of greybeards, a score of boys, and the women of Wyrdwuda to help her. 

Events 2019

I hope to add a few more, but this isn't a bad start for 2019!!! Hope to see you there. 

The Levellers!!!

I've been a big fan of the UK band The Levellers for all of my adult life. As such, I'm absolutely thrilled beyond bits that I've been invited to promote and sell copies of 'On Brighton Streets' at The Levellers gig in the Dome this Thursday (22 Nov) to raise awareness and funds for Sussex Homeless Support. It's a one-off, but definitely going in my resume.

Looking forward to the Brighton & Hove Book Fayre Christmas Special!!!

(Saturday 24 November, 10-4, Open Market, Brighton)

"The Smallest Spark" in the Magical Book of Wands anthology

Proud to be included in this anthology with a dystopian take on magic wands.

Check this link:

The Levellers

Fantastic to meet up with Charlie and Jez of The Levellers at the Sunday Street Kitchen today, absolutely brilliant that they are supporting Sussex Homeless Support. 

Guest Blog on Druid Life

Very chuffed that ​I was invited to write a little about the spiritual background of the Wyrde Woods books. You can find the first part of my guest blog here 

(image by Tom Brown)

Hastings Steampunk Extravaganza

We had a great day at the Hastings Steampunk Extravaganza. Many thanks to Power Events, Linda Harcourt-Smith, and her family.

Learn More

A few notes on the Lincoln Steampunk Asylum

Steampunk Asylum Lincoln

Just got back from an amazing (and inspiring) bank holiday weekend in Lincoln, Lincolnshire. If you want to know more, try this blog by one of my hosts:

Steampunk Readers and Writers: Writing Competition

Very proud to have been counted amongst the six finalists, in a field with a lot of entries, and sirageously chuffed to have been awarded second place for my short story: 'LIMBS'

So glad people are enjoying this read

Some serious reviewing going on. 

On Brighton Streets in the Jubilee Library!!!

Delighted that the Jubilee library in Brighton now not only stocks Will's War in Brighton, but On Brighton Streets as well.

Keep 'em coming folks! :-) 

Another lovely review for On Brighton Streets

An Award for the  Dreamtime Dragons anthology

Dreamtime Dragons has been awarded second place for favourite anthology, so is now award-winning. Woohoo!!!

Author Piet Visser (1887-1929)

I have recently discovered that my great-grandfather's second cousin, Piet Visser (1887-1929), was a prolific writer, mostly boy's adventure stuff, with 19 confirmed titles so far. Needless to say I'm really fascinated by this, and am planning a few future writing projects using this connection.

On Brighton Streets

Some lovely reviews coming in, including this one.

Brighton Fringe 2018

Some of the Invisible Voices team at Brighton's Jubilee Library

Achievement Unlocked

We pulled it off, with a large team of helpers. Official launch of ON BRIGHTON STREETS  at the Brighton Clock Tower Street Kitchen this Sunday (29/4) from 01:00 to 02:30. From Monday 30 April to Sunday 6 May, I will be at the Jubilee Library with co-author Cair to present this new book, and hopefully sell a few copies. Do drop by if you can. 

Race against the clock

Working all out to have "On Brighton Streets", commissioned by Invisible Voices of Brighton & Hove, ready for Brighton Fringe 2018!!! Fingers crossed.


I'll be at Brighton's Open Market on Friday March 2, with my stall, and hope to meet you there.

I've had the honour of being asked by Invisible Voices to co-author a children's book for them (12-and-up), based partially on the local success of my "Will's War in Brighton". My co-author is Cair Emma Going.

Our mission is to write a book that would allow kids aged 10-upwards to encounter the realities of the housing crisis in Brighton and Hove through fiction. That entails summarising a very complex situation in edible chunks.

We have been busily brainstorming, and decided to enlist some professional advisers, i.e. some Brighton kids who have knowledge of the local Housing Crisis. We also decided to add some real life locals into the fiction. Jim Deans, Tommy Tickle, Oliver Dall, Maria Garret, Nikkie Brennan, to name a few (provided they don't object). It's gotta be a real Brightonian story, and show what is really happening on Brighton's streets.

The story is now starting to take off, with the rough drafts of the first chapters being passed to and fro between Cair and myself, after which the experts will cast a critical eye on it.

We'll try and keep folk updated on our progress on the Invisible Voices page. The working title of the book is "ON BRIGHTON STREETS"

February '18 odds & ends

12 February 2018

Very lucky to have some super Wyrde Woods fans model a new idea I'm playing with. Don't they look marvelous? 

7 February 2018

Delighted with my new banners, hopefully you will encounter them soon at markets and/or events.


I am very pleased to have my own website at last, a great way to start 2018.